Here’s Why You Should Choose to Use Glass Balustrades

With the ongoing climate change crisis, many are now turning to promises of going green this year. For both commercial and residential buildings, they are taking their efforts by making their homes or offices more sustainable.

One material that many people have turned to for a more sustainable effort is glass. But how far can you use glass in your structure to make it more sustainable? In this article, we will look at glass balustrades and how they can further your effort to be more eco-friendly.

What Are Balustrades?

A balustrade, or baluster, is a railing-like structure that can be found on roofs, staircases, balconies and galleries. They are typically used to provide safety and stability. Balustrades can also add an aesthetic value to your home and office.

Why Choose Glass Balustrades?

For many people, glass is very stylish and goes well with any look. So whatever the theme of your office or home is, it is safe to say that a glass balustrade would easily blend in.

However, aside from glass’s aesthetic value, it meets full functionality while also giving environmentally-friendly benefits. Below are the main advantages of glass balustrades that impact our sustainability efforts.

1. Energy-Efficient

By choosing glass, you are helping save up on energy being consumed. Glass balustrades significantly reduce the need for natural light and heat in your building or property.

The transparency of clear glass will let a lot of natural light into your home. You no longer have to keep your bulbs on with worry that your building may end up dark. Not only does this save you from having high electricity bills, but natural light will immediately create a more positive atmosphere on your property.

Glass can also preserve the heat inside a building. It will protect you from draughts which could lessen heat loss. Having lots of glass in your property will encourage you to turn off your heating system and enjoy the natural warmth of the sun coming through the glass.

2. Sustainable

Glass is made from sand, which is abundant. By choosing glass, we avoid using non-renewable resources that are minimal in quantity. In addition, making glass is much more sustainable, from the collection of the sand to the finishing touches. This makes glass a completely sustainable material, ideal for commercial and residential use, as it lowers the harmful impact on the environment.

3. Recyclable

Along with its sustainability, glass is infinitely recyclable, and by that, we do mean infinitely. Glass can be reused as many times as you want without losing its functionality. Even when broken down into smaller shards, glass will remain as glass. The best part is when reusing glass, you use lower energy levels than with recycling almost any other materials used in construction. This means that even when you no longer require a balustrade, it can be used elsewhere in a different project.


In the ongoing effort to preserve the environment, glass balustrades are a very eco-friendly way to go. It is a material that can simultaneously protect you from harsh weather conditions while also being sustainable and easy to recycle. With that, glass balustrades are an excellent investment to be made this year.

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