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Why Your Staircase Needs a Stainless Steel Handrail (Part 1)

Whether you own a home or business, being a responsible property owner means selecting the best option for your staircase. It helps protect occupants from falls and other stair-related accidents. The right choice can also significantly impact your staircase’s overall appeal.

One of the best options for your staircase is letting a professional install a stainless-steel handrail on your residential or commercial property. Besides being ideal for staircases, you can install this material for your balcony, deck, pool fence, mezzanine, pergolas, outdoor kitchen, and entertainment areas.

If you want to make your residential or commercial property a safe and attractive space, this article will enumerate five reasons to get stainless steel handrails for your staircase. We’ll discuss six more in part two of our blog series.

  1. Easy to Clean

Property owners need easy ways to clean their establishments to save money on regular upkeep. A staircase’s stainless-steel handrail has a sleek, uniform finish. Unlike other materials, its smooth surface doesn’t allow dirt to accumulate in crevices or small cracks, making it easier to wipe away dust, dirt, and other debris. Moreover, stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion or rusting.

You can keep your staircase’s handrails looking good by wiping and cleaning them regularly with a damp cloth and kitchen soap. You should also avoid using harsh abrasives and chemicals because they can damage the material. Moreover, you must only use vinegar or lemon oil sparingly and wipe in the direction of the grain.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Property owners must prioritise investing in easy-to-maintain materials because they usually last longer, are more cost-effective, and look better over time.

Stainless steel handrails work best for homeowners’ staircases because they have minimal maintenance requirements. It’s also easy to keep clean because it resists most familiar environmental elements. Moreover, it doesn’t need repainting, oiling, fixing, or sanding; it only needs occasional inspections to secure the fasteners.

You can effectively maintain its best condition by not putting heavy loads and sharp objects on the material. You should also wipe off foreign substances and regularly inspect and repair the stainless steel.

  1. Easy to Install

If you want to install your staircase’s stainless-steel handrail yourself, many contractors can provide the needed components and accessories. These include tube bends, brackets, connector fittings, posts, droppers, capping, joiners, base plates and covers, flanges, rail supports, and rail guides. However, the DIY route needs the right tools and equipment and a good understanding of the relevant building regulations and guidelines, which can be time-consuming for first-time homeowners.

On the other hand, you can ensure a more productive and efficient installation by hiring a professional to handle the task.

  1. Highly Customisable

Customers prefer customisation over store-bought materials because it lets them personalise their staircase’s stainless steel handrail projects according to their preferences.

Any reputable company can help you find suitable handrails, fittings, and accessories for your home improvement project, ensuring it’s aesthetically pleasing and practical. They’ll also offer different shapes and sizes, like square, round, rectangular, and slotted tube designs, to accommodate various surfaces.

  1. Durable

Like other significant home investments, you want your staircase’s handrails to be strong enough to withstand the tests of time. One of the best materials you can invest in for your property is stainless steel.

Unlike wood, plasterboard, masonry, and concrete, stainless steel has a high tensile strength. This material is also ideal for staircases, balconies, verandas, dividers, and fences and won’t warp, fracture, crumble, or bend over time. Moreover, they can provide reliable fixtures that won’t falter if installed correctly to building standards.


Stainless steel handrails are ideal for staircases because of their durability and low upkeep requirements. You can enjoy these benefits by letting a professional install them on your property. Stay tuned for part two of this blog series!

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