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What are the Benefits of Installing a Juliet Balcony?

Balcony installations aren’t just for residences with big budgets. In reality, Juliet balconies are an excellent method to increase the value of your house while also providing homeowners with a slew of additional benefits that other home improvements do not provide.

If you’re thinking of installing a Juliet balcony, you’ve come to the perfect spot because today, we’ll look at the benefits of doing so and why it’s a lot easier than you think! Continue reading to learn all you need to know.

What’s a Juliet Balcony?

A Juliet balcony is a barrier constructed to prevent someone from falling out of an inward opening French door situated at a high height or with a fall of more than 60cm on the outside.

Juliet balconies can be built of metal railings or glass and, unlike ordinary balconies, do not have an actual extension; thus, they cannot be stood on or used as extra space. Instead, Juliet balconies are an inexpensive and straightforward solution to change a room or area into a brighter spot to enjoy while also improving the exterior aspect of your property.

What are the Benefits of Having a Juliet Balcony?

Although all Juliet balconies offer their own benefits, by far amongst the most popular type of installation is the glass Juliet balcony which offers a modern design and a wealth of advantages, including:

1. A Cost-Effective Way to Create Outside Space

In recent years, many homes have lost their original balconies due to modern building regulations, with many new houses being built without them. However, a glass Juliet balcony can provide a cost-effective solution as:

  • It can be fitted easily and quickly and will be able to be used straight away.
  • It’s an affordable way to create a much-needed balcony, adding value to your home.
2. Improved Airflow

As they are so easy to install, a Juliet balcony can easily be added to a house with an inwardly opening french door, providing great ventilation and improved airflow to the room behind.

3. Security and Peace of Mind

Juliet balconies can help to provide peace of mind by providing additional safety, being the perfect solution to prevent accidents and safeguard your family:

  • By preventing someone from falling through an open door.
  • By eliminating the risk of children hanging around the balcony.
  • By ensuring everyone is safer in your home.
4. Added Value

A Juliet balcony is an excellent way to offer added value to your property which may help you to sell your home for a higher price, and even help to recoup some of the cost of installation should you ever want to move.

There are no limits to the type of glass or design that can be used, so you can create a Juliet balcony that perfectly matches the rest of your property.

5. No Planning Permission Necessary

One of the biggest benefits of a Juliet balcony is that you will not need to apply for planning permission before installing one.

This is because the balcony is fitted to an existing opening, rather than an extension, and so does not cause an increase in floor space.


A Juliet balcony is an easy and cost-effective way to add value to your home.

By fitting a Juliet balcony to an existing French door, you’ll be able to create additional outdoor space without impacting the space inside your home.

And, with no planning permission needed, this is a great solution for homeowners who do not have an existing balcony.

So, next time you’re plotting a balcony makeover, be sure to give a glass Juliet balcony consideration.

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