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The Differences between Horizontal and Vertical Balustrades

The design must be considered in any home to achieve the perfect balance of form and function. In other words, how a space looks should be just as important as how it functions. Of course, the only way to do this is by installing features that can improve the look of the space while serving a specific function. A perfect example of this is balustrading.

Balustrades are railings installed on stairs, balconies, and decks. They are not only functional, but they can also add a touch of elegance to any space. However, choosing the right one can be tricky because they come in horizontal and vertical variants. Both balustrades are available in various materials, but certain features are different, which few homeowners know about. For this reason, we’ll discuss the details in this article.

More about Horizontal Balustrades

The horizontal balustrades are more popular than the vertical ones. They are available in various materials, including glass, timber, and stainless steel. The main advantage of horizontal balustrades is that they offer a clear landscape view. This means you will have a better view of the surroundings than vertical balustrades.

Sometimes, horizontal balustrades can also act as windbreaks. This is because they are installed at a lower level, which provides better wind protection. For example, horizontal balustrades can help reduce the wind blowing through the home if you live in a windy area.

Regarding installation, horizontal balustrades are easier to install than vertical balustrades. This is because they can be installed using various methods, such as screwing, nailing, and bolting.

Despite this, horizontal balustrades are less durable than vertical balustrades. This is because they are installed at a lower level, which makes them more susceptible to damage. For this reason, maintenance must be done regularly to ensure that the balustrades last. The best way to do this is by using a sealant to protect the balustrades from weathering and other damage.

More about Vertical Balustrades

Installing vertical balustrades isn’t always easy because they’re considered for specialist use only. For one, vertical balustrades are more difficult to install than horizontal balustrades. This is because they can only be installed using specialist methods, such as welding.

When maintaining vertical balustrades, you should regularly check the welds for any cracks or damage. The same goes for screws and bolts, which could become loose with time. For cleaning, you can use a pressure washer to remove any dirt or debris accumulated on the balustrade’s surface.

Despite this, vertical balustrades are more durable than horizontal balustrades. This is because they are installed at a higher level, which makes them less susceptible to damage. Also, the vertical balustrades are easier to clean than the horizontal ones. This is because they are installed at a higher level, making them easier to reach.

What Should You Choose?

When choosing between vertical and horizontal balustrades, you must consider certain factors. These include:

Your Needs

Your needs will determine the type of balustrades you need. If you want to use them for decorative purposes, then horizontal balustrades will be the best option. If you need them for security purposes, then vertical balustrades will be the best choice.


Balustrades are made from different materials. The most popular options are wood, glass, and metal. You need to choose a material that will complement the design of your home. For instance, wood balustrades are recommended for a traditional home, while glass balustrades work best in modern homes.


Balustrades must be maintained to keep them looking as good as new, and some materials require more maintenance than others. For instance, glass balustrades must be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and grime. Wood balustrades must be sanded and stained every few years, while metal balustrades must be repainted every few years to prevent rust.


Balustrades come at different prices depending on the material. Wooden balustrades are the cheapest, while glass balustrades are the most expensive. On the other hand, metal balustrades are your best bet if you’re looking for somewhere in between. You should shop around to find the best deal on balustrades.


Balustrades are a worthwhile investment because they enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal while providing protection. Since balustrades come in various styles, you can find something that fits your home. When you do, your home’s livability will significantly improve to make living easier.

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